Day centre

The need

Following the increasing awareness of dementia, nearly 50% only go out to do things locally once a week or even less. With the numbers growing among the elderly of those who are lonely, it's clearly not just those with dementia who are suffering from a lack of social interaction. Loss of mobility prohibits many from doing activities they once enjoyed and makes it harder to get out of the house. Despite this evident need for elderly and dementia services, children's services receives greater investment from Norfolk County Council.

What we offer

Our Day Centre runs twice a week, providing hot homes-style cooked food, morning socialising and afternoon entertainment. The members have been involved in inter-generational projects with a number of local schools, working together to plant sunflowers and vegetables in our garden as well cooking treats for the rest of the members to enjoy with their afternoon tea and coffee. The entertainment provided in the afternoon changes each day and has included activities such as the choir from Edith Cavell Academy, a talk from the Deputy Housekeeper to Buckingham Palace, a presentation of Medieval Medicine, and the Club favourite Reminiscence East. This entertainment is planned to engage all the members and spark memories and conversations. 

For members with dementia, we offer Cognitive Stimulation Therapy which works to trigger memories and encouraging conversation. Many who have come to us have made friends and know that the Club is a safe and fun environment, even if they may not remember what it is they have done. Duane, our Director for Community Engagement, is a qualified Dementia Champion, and we are able to offer a lot of one-to-one and small group interaction with those suffering from Dementia. 

For all members, we organise several outings each year which are always fully booked and provide the chance for volunteers and members to enjoy different activities to those we are able to offer onsite. During the summer, we take members on a boat trip on the Norfolk Broads, there is an annual Panto trip and Christmas, as well as other theatre trips. We ask the members where they would like to go and use their feedback to shape our next trips.