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Get involved

How you can help:

With our range of programmes, there is something to suit everyone who wants to get involved. Whether you enjoy working with kids, older people, or chatting with new people over coffee, all volunteers are appreciated and invested in. One of the most important ways to donate is with your time, volunteering with a programme. In the Day Centre, this enables greater care for those living Dementia and more interaction with those who are lonely. At the Children's Club and in the Youth Group, more volunteers means that we can offer our services to even more people in the area who need a safe and fun place to go. At the café, volunteers who can host, making everyone feel welcome, or be our weekly 'barista' is greatly appreciated. If you enjoy teaching, come and volunteer at our homework club and help support local families with their learning.


As well as giving your time, other donations are valued too. All our food for the café is home made and any cakes or other treats relieve our dedicated bakers from their selfless cooking week in week out. If you visit our café, the food and drinks are all free however we have a donations box into which you may give money if you wish.

In order to meet the need of those in this community we have to sustain and increase our current levels of funding. Much of our finance comes through grant-making trusts and charities, as well as from social services and local businesses. We also have a very loyal and supportive base of members who give on a regular basis. If you could help us with a donation, no matter how small, your gift would be greatly appreciated and would enable us to keep running these programmes and make a difference to the lives of those in need.

Individuals who support our work:

Clive & Jenny Drake
Duane & Clare Elkins
John Betts
Colin Grey
Anna Greathead

Simon Betts

Dr Robin Heij

Victor Gillon

William & Erica Fisher

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