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The Need

The children who take part in this weekly club come from a broken and deprived community. Many are from single parent homes, with Lakenham consisting of 36% single parents, well above the national average of 12%. The lack of stability and consistency within family life means that the children strive for attention and approval.

With 44% of children eligible for free school meals, a staggering 39% of 10-11 year olds in Lakenham are overweight, kids are increasingly staying at home and playing video games or watching TV rather than being active. We want to encourage children out of their bedrooms and into a space where they can socialise, have fun and be active and stimulated.

What we offer

We run a free weekly club which has been very popular, instrumental in encouraging children out of their homes and off of their consoles and involved in activities. The children take part in a range of activities including games, cooking, Bible stories and discussion times. Within the games and cooking activities, we look at encouraging healthy lifestyles. The kids cook balanced snacks from pizza pittas to fruit kebabs (as well as the occasional cupcakes) and take part in circuit training and the beep test. But it isn't all serious, we also play some goofy games such as blindfolded taste tests, baloon hat hoopla and live action hungry hungry hippos.

As well as the weekly club, at regular points of the year we offer slightly different programmes. Within the past few years this has included a safe place with games and sweets on Halloween, Bonfire night bonfire and s'mores, a Christmas production, street parties, Easter escape rooms and a Summer BBQ and water fight.

We have built strong relationships with many of the children who use our club. Our aim is to offer them a place they can feel safe and have fun. The club is staffed by volunteers from the community who support Gwil, our children's worker.  We encourage team building and friendship, as well as characteristics such as honesty, generosity and kindness. The children are busy from the minute they arrive until they leave.


Children's work

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